Lincoln Heritage Museum

Civil War Letters Donated to Museum

Mary Bell of Avondale Estates, Georgia recently donated to the Lincoln Heritage Museum a collection of Civil War letters. The letters were written by Pvt. David M. Jones of Pennsylvania to Meadville, PA during his time as a soldier of 9th Pennsylvania Infantry (38th Pennsylvania Volunteers). Jones served from April 1861 to May 1864 and wrote back to his family every month describing camp life, asking for some supplies, and every once in a while he will go into great
detail about the battles he has witnessed. Pvt. Jones writes fondly of General George McClellan, who Lincoln fired as general-in-chief of the Union army. Jones wrote of the general that “he is well liked by all of the troops.” Assistant museum director Anne Suttles has been transcribing the letters, and gathering information for future presentations on the letters.

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- Abraham Lincoln