Lincoln Heritage Museum

Lincoln Heritage Museum to Temporarily Close until April Grand Reopening

As of August 31, 2013, the Lincoln Heritage Museum at Lincoln College will close as the museum readies for a grand reopening in April of 2014.

The museum is undergoing a move of its collection and a completion of the installation of its new quarters in the Lincoln Center building on the north side of the Lincoln College campus.

In 2011, the college contracted with Taylor Studios in Rantoul, Illinois to design the new Abraham Lincoln themed museum.  The museum has been working in concert with Taylor Studios to create a museum which allows the museum more space, new conservation-friendly cases and storage, and an interactive museum experience which follows what Taylor Studios terms a unique “life-review” of Abraham Lincoln’s life.

A closure of a museum before its opening is not unusual, said museum director Ron Keller.    “This is a critical stage.   During this time period moving of our pieces takes place and final fabrication of the all the museum elements takes place.”

Individuals do not have to wait until next April to catch a glimpse of what the new museum will look like once it opens.   The public is invited to an exclusive walk-through of the new museum in conjunction with the annual Grand Soiree fundraising event held at the Lincoln Center at Lincoln College on Saturday, September 28.      Though some features of the museum design—such as the audio/video—will not yet be installed, it will give attendees of the Soiree an opportunity to experience a great taste of what the new museum will bring once it opens in April.     Individuals interested in the sneak-peak at the new museum can obtain purchase seats to the Grand Soiree by calling 217-732-3155 extension 295.

“We apologize for any inconvenience the temporarily closing of the museum might cause,” remarked Keller.    “However, once the museum opens in April, people will be amazed at the difference.  This will be a highlight of our community and an impressive immersive museum which will bring visitors back again and again.”

I do not think much of a man who is not wiser today than he was yesterday.
- Abraham Lincoln