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The Lincoln Heritage Museum offers internships to qualified college students, recent graduates or graduate students. Internships usually take place throughout the academic year (spring, summer, or fall semesters). All LHM internships are unpaid. However there may be grant funded internships that will provide a stipend for students. Regardless of paid or unpaid internships the LHM strongly encourages students to seek academic credit through internships or use internships to diversify their resumes.

Intern Positions

Collections Management


This internship is for students who have an interest in collections management, offering numerous opportunities to actively participate in tasks related to a collection or the artifacts in an exhibit. Interns will need to have a working knowledge and basic understanding of the process of collection management. Various opportunities in accessioning new acquisitions, researching artifacts in the collection, inventory, data entry of artifact records, preparing artifacts for storage, loan or shipment, learning how reports assist the day-to-day operations, preparing loan agreements, installation of artifacts in exhibits or permanent displays, and problem-solving are possible in this internship. Preference will be given to those who have successfully completed coursework or practicums related to collections management.

Community Programs

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This intern will work on tasks related to researching, assisting in developing and implementing Museum programs targeted towards youth and families. The programs will focus on engaging activities that allow family units and youth groups to interact with each other while learning in the Museum. The intern will work closely with children, families, and community groups. The intern’s responsibilities will include (but not be limited to):

  • Assisting with Storytelling Workshops on Saturdays.
  • Preparing craft projects for children’s programs.
  • Researching, developing and leading family tours.
  • Coordinating mailings and other marketing efforts for youth and family programs.
  • Leading tours and craft workshops
  • Producing well written program outlines for usage by current and future interns and staff.

Education Programs

This intern will be responsible for helping to develop programs through research and lesson plan design. These programs will be designed on studying Lincoln in Illinois. He/she will also work with K-12 groups who visit the museum, including presenting educational tours of the museum
and leading activities both before and after schools’ visits, maintaining a knowledge of the museum’s exhibits, preparing activity materials and classroom for activities, both before and after the schools visit. The preferred candidate will have experience designing lesson plans and working with students in K-12 age range, especially in a museum setting.

For more information, or to apply for any of these internships, contact the museum.