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Abraham Lincoln: His Life, Leadership & Legacy Summer Seminar for Teachers

What lessons can we learn from Abraham Lincoln’s example, and how do we make his life and times relevant to students?  This seminar combines on-site visits, activities, and stimulating discussion to provide teachers with a deeper awareness of Lincoln, the changing times in which he lived, and how he helped move the nation ahead.  Participants are exposed to primary source materials and knowledge, and are encouraged to produce an activity for use in their own classrooms.  This seminar is certified through the Illinois State Board of Education (Successful completion will earn 30 CPDUs for Illinois teachers).

Keep a look out in the spring for more information on our seminar for teachers.

Learn from Lincoln, Live like Lincoln: Classroom Experience

This section features a lesson focusing on the life and legacy of our 16th president.

Honesty & Empathy

This month’s focus is Honesty & Empathy. This takes a look at Abraham Lincoln’s life and instances where Lincoln shows honesty and empathy. There were instances in Lincoln’s life where he spoke with honesty and showed kindness to others.