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Save the Flag:  Penny Drive

We have an exciting opportunity to share with you that we hope you will join us in celebrating Illinois’ bicentennial year by including all schools & kids in Logan County.

On October 11th, we are launching an exciting fundraising campaign in schools across Logan County to raise funds to restore the Middletown Flag that was used in the Wide Awake Rally in Springfield, Illinois August 8th, 1860. Mr. Lincoln was running for president and the ladies of Middletown, Illinois wanted to show their support for their candidate. Our Save the Flag Penny Drive is a great opportunity for the students of Logan County to help celebrate Illinois 200thanniversary by raising funds to help restore a flag that took part in not only Illinois history but the United States.

This campaign, Save the Flag Penny Drive, will be a month long period beginning on October 11th, which is the 158thanniversary of Illinois Wide Awakes parade to Lincoln’s home. Mr. Lincoln, surrounded by a large number of personal friends, stood upon the doorsteps and bowed in silent acknowledgment of their cheers. We are asking schools all across Logan County to assist us participating in this fundraising campaign. The goal for the project is to raise $17,000. Promotional materials and penny containers will be given out to participating schools. The State Bank of Lincoln will be responsible for all deposits. For more information on this, please refer to the attached document for all the details.

I hope you will consider partnering with us on this campaign to help celebrate Illinois’ 200thbirthday by bringing this historic flag to life in time for Illinois’ birthday celebration on December 3rd!

Save the Flag Penny Drive Registration

Middletown Flag

In anticipation of the August 8, 1860 Springfield, Illinois rally for presidential candidate Abraham Lincoln, the ladies of Middletown hand-sewed an American flag to fly in the parade. The ladies were thrilled to find that, after the parade, Mr. Lincoln was draped in their flag as he as he gave a speech at the fairgrounds.

At a time where women were not allowed to vote, the flag served as a way for the ladies of Middletown to express themselves publicly regarding their candidate of choice, Mr. Abraham Lincoln. The Middletown Flag is one of three pieces created for and used by the Wide Awake Supporters of Logan County currently in the collection of the Lincoln Heritage Museum at Lincoln College, the other two being the Nations Choice banner and a smaller banner of Abraham Lincoln. Once the flag is restored, the entire set will be complete.

The Middletown Flag is a rare and unique piece of local history which ties Abraham Lincoln to the Logan County community. The Lincoln Heritage Museum is currently holding a penny drive with local schools to fully restore this beautiful artifact. Please consider taking part in this drive to help us restore this wonderful piece of our local and national history so it may also be proudly displayed in the Lincoln Heritage Museum.

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