Lincoln Heritage Museum remains open for normal operating hours (Tuesday-Friday 9 am to 4 pm and Saturday 1 pm to 4 pm), despite the closure of Lincoln College in May of 2022.

events and programming

In October 2015, the Lincoln Heritage Museum, in partnership with the Abraham Lincoln Center for Character Development, hosted the 30th annual Lincoln Colloquium. Nearly 100 attended the colloquium, which was titled The Better Angels of Our Nature: the Influential Legacy & Character of Abraham Lincoln.


The colloquium focused on how Lincoln’s influence & legacy has spread through the world in his life and the 150 years since and how Lincoln’s character is a model for humanity. Several renowned Abraham Lincoln scholars presented informative topics on Lincoln’s character. The Abraham Lincoln Center for Character Development partnered with the Museum in making this conference a success.


On May 21, 2018 the ALCCD organized and hosted a retreat for all fifth graders of Lincoln District 27, entitled: “Be Excellent To Each Other” with the theme is “Building Empathy and Valuing Others.” The all-day retreat addressed common school issues including bullying, excessive teasing, and ostracizing. Through games, activities, small group discussions, and presentations, students were shown that each person has value and worth. Students were challenged to determine how they can courageously live their lives at home and at school differently, with greater compassion and understanding for those around them, especially for those who are different.


The Abraham Lincoln Center for Character Development is partnering and planning many more events. Continue to check back here for more information on upcoming events and activities!








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