Lincoln Heritage Museum will remain OPEN for regular operating hours after Lincoln College closes May 13, 2022. Please contact 217-735-7399 for more detailed information.

school field trips

Looking for a great field trip opportunity for your students that is both educational and fun?  LHM is it!

Lincoln Heritage Museum transforms into a giant classroom, as museum staff share the life, legacy, and character of Abraham Lincoln. Field trips to Lincoln Heritage Museum consist of a guided tour, educational scavenger hunt and fun 19th century games. Students interact with history while searching for scavenger hunt answers within Lincoln Heritage Museum’s first floor gallery. 19th century games like hoop-and-stick and bean-bag-double-can keep students excited and engaged.  


During a guided tour, students walk through 19th century room recreations while learning about the life events that shaped Abraham Lincoln into the man admired today. Each room represents a unique and important moment of Abraham Lincoln's life. Students are encouraged to reach out and touch the objects within the Immersion Tour. 






Booking a field trip at Lincoln Heritage Museum is easy! Call us at (217) 735-7399, send us an email [email protected], or fill out the Group Tour Reservation form and you will be contacted within three business days.




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