Lincoln Heritage Museum remains open for normal operating hours (Tuesday-Friday 9 am to 4 pm and Saturday 1 pm to 4 pm), despite the closure of Lincoln College in May of 2022.

lincoln collection

Over 100 items from the Lincoln Collection that were created by, owned by, or associated with Abraham Lincoln, his family, and his colleagues are on display every day at the Lincoln Heritage Museum, located on the historic campus of Lincoln College. The remainder of the collection—the premier collection of Lincoln manuscripts, family and friends possessions, published works, and fine or popular art depicting Abraham Lincoln—is safeguarded in the museum vault.  The Lincoln Collection is available to researchers by appointment only Monday through Friday. Contact Director and Curator Anne Moseley to schedule a research appointment.


The Lincoln Collection began in the 1940s with a donation from Lincoln College alum Judge Lawrence Stringer, and new items are added all the time. The three largest sources have been 1) John Gehlbach, Logan County lawyer, and zealous Lincoln and Civil War collector 2) Robert Todd Lincoln Beckwith the last descendant of the Lincoln family, through a large donation of, books, and family items; and 3) Jim Hickey local historian, and former Illinois State Historian.



  • Original letters and manuscripts written or signed by Lincoln.

  • Books and pamphlets on every aspect of Lincoln’s life.

  • Historical artifacts associated with Abraham Lincoln and his family. Tad Lincoln’s rocking chair, locks of hair from the family, “Mortality Poem” written in President Lincoln’s own hand, Mary Lincoln’s gloves.

  • Robert Lincoln (1843–1926), family items

  • Lincoln-related prints and photographs.

  • Civil War broadsides and political cartoons.

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